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Prasad Shetty: Powerlifter from Mangaluru in need of support from government

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There is a popular dialogue in Madhavan starrer Saala Khadoos, wherein Madhavan, who plays a coach says that there is talent in each and every part in India and it just needs to be recognised. Managluru, the city known for it’s culture and Tulunadu has given many personalities in various fields including sports. A youngster from Mangaluru has made India proud with his achievements in field of Powerlifting. However unfortunately, he is hardly supported by anyone. There is no government nor private support to this talented youth. In an exclusive interview with SeeandSay.in, Prasad reveals his success journey:


How did you get into powerlifting?

I am basically from Mangaluru. I started gymming at age of 18 in Balanjaneya gym, which is an old school gym. The members of the gym used to do power lifting. I learnt power lifting there and participated in a competition. I got third place. Krishnamurthi sir, saw potential in me and decided to coach me. This way, I started my career in powerlifting.

Which are your prizes which you have won?

I have won many prizes in local, state, national and international level. I have won Strongman of Karnataka title, Best Lifter of India. International Best Lifter and Asian International Gold medal title.

You were advised by doctor never to take part in powerlifting. Can you elaborate us about it?

I got myself injured during a competition in Jammu and Kashmir. I had a muscle tear. I took a break for one and half year. The doctor told me that I should never ever lift weights. But I was determined to do powerlifting again. I started slowly to lift weights again.

What are your future plans?

My main aim is to participate in Commonwealth Games to be held in 2018. I am working towards it. I have already won in national level. In a month, I will come to know, whether I will participate in Commonwealth Games. Winning a gold for Commonwealth Games is my ultimate aim.

Do you get any support from government?

I do not get any support from government. I am not even given travel allowance. Forget about that, I only spend from my own pocket for lodging and food expenses. My parents are the only people who are funding me. Approximately on an average, Rs 25000 is being spent. We have approached MLA’s, MP and district administration for financial support. But no one has got back to us.

Why is powerlifting not popular in India?

It is not about only in India, but also in world. As powerlifting is not recognised in Olympics, youngsters do not like to take part in it. Hopefully within two years, powerlifting may be recognised by Olympics committee. I expect more popularity for powerlifting after this.

Dharmendra Shetty, Admin of popular Facebook page Proud Mangalorean got us to know about this young Tallents needs . We would like to thank him for his constant support to the youngster.

Prasad Shetty is a proud Mangalorean. It is sad that a talented youngster is not getting any support from state government as well as central government. Our government is ready to pay crores of money to cricketers and badminton players, but do not even think about young athletes like Prasad. SeeandSay.in requests the concerned officials to look into this matter as soon as possible. Private donors are also encouraged to support this young talent. They can contact us. We will get you in touch with Prasad.

It is our humble to request to Pramod Madhwaraj, who is also Sports Minister to look into the issue. A person from coastal district should must get justice from Sports Minister, who is also from Coastal district.

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