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29-year-old boy from Bunt creates history by launching young political party

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29-year-old boy from Bunt creates history by launching young political party-1Bunt community is one of the most developed community. They have succeeded in various field. Even in politics, there are many Bunts, who have shined. Whether it Ramanath Rai or Nalin Kumar Kateel, Bunts have made it big. And now adding to the list of politicians is Anil Shetty. the 29-year-old has launched his own political party. Nav Bharat Democratic Party was launched on 8 April in Bengaluru with thousands of youth supporting him.

Shetty is determined to clean up India’s politics, literally from roots. Nav Bharat’s young party-workers have decided to ensure equitable distribution of water across Bengaluru through “Jalayaatra” which will challenge the city’s “water mafia”.

Shetty plans for the party to contest the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) elections in 2020, and for that it is opening ward offices across 198 wards across the city. The first five of these ward offices were opened on April 8, the day NBDP was officially launched.

Nav Bharat Democratic Party wants to first consolidate its base in Bengaluru, and then in Karnataka. Shetty wants India to become most politically and socio-economically sound country in the world. Shetty is a prolific public orator, having addressed over 250 public events in four years, directly reaching out to more than one lakh citizens.

Shetty hails from Kundapur. He studied in his village school. He traveled to Bengaluru city to pursue a graduation degree from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology. He also simultaneously started his business enterprises, wherein he learnt how to balance studies and work at such young age. Shetty is now using his business skills to provide investment advise to startup ventures and link them with strategic investors.
[InPostAds ad=”4″] Anil Shetty wanted to do something for common citizens. Four years back, Anil created Peace Auto, an auto-rickshaw union to help improve the community’s circumstances. He then went on to create community projects for bus drivers, police constables, pourakarmikas, underprivileged students, and the deprived classes. His capabilities earned him the position of board member of Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) where he was the youngest. He learnt a lot from his co-members in the board such as Biocon Chairperson Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and former Infosys Director Mohandas Pai.

Anil Shetty has authored two books whose proceedings he has donated to charity. He is presently penning a book on spirituality. Anil loves travelling the world. Anil has surely made everyone proud. The young lad from coastal district needs support from common people. Hope he gets all the support. This is just a beginning for him. He has a big road to travel. We hope he achieves all his dreams and keeps on inspiring youngsters.