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Anjali Shanbhogue: Young saxophonist from Udupi

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21-year-old Anjali Shanbhogue is making Karnataka proud with her achievements in field of music. The young Saxophonist, who is daughter of Narayana & Nayana Shanbhogue couple from Udupi has achieved a lot in field of music within a short period of time. She is pursuing her B.E. studies at N.M.A.I.T. Institute of Technology, Nitte currently. In conversation with SeeandSay.in, Anjali opens up on her journey and dreams:

How did you get into music ?

I started my music career as a saxophonist at the very tender age of 8. I had been to a marriage function with grandmother. I saw a small girl playing saxophone. My grandmother told me that she is having a talent and showcasing it at such young age. My grandmother said even I must get involved in something like this. Her thoughts ignited me. I was not interested in music at that age. But my grandmother was adamant for me to take up music. She asked my parents to make me join music classes. Even I thought I must get involved in music and agreed. I joined saxophone classes in Udupi under Shri Sunder Sherigar. He is very nice person. He teaches everyone with lots of patience. He has never scolded me until now. He was very good and I started to enjoy the classes. I used to attended classes for 4 hours. Initially it is said that no one will be able to catch hold of playing saxophone. But in my case, I was able to blow saxophone in proper way. This made him happy and he said that only few can do this at such an early stage and said I have a great future, if I sincerely practice. This boosted me up and I started to play saxophone. I got lot of encouragement from people. I was given lot of chances to perform at a very young age. I gave 200 performances within three years. [State Awardee Saxophonist Anjali Shanbhogue to Perform Live in Dubai ]

Who has been your support system ?

My mother has been my support system. She has encouraged me a lot. She was always with me during my performances. She is still with me and has been with me for all competitions. I have given more than 1000 performances all around India in places like Mumbai, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and many other places. My mother has been with me always and has taken me to all these places.

Which do you consider as your best moments in your music career ?

There are many moments which has given me immense satisfaction. The first one is getting a gold chain from Dharmadikari Shree Veerendra Heggade. I was 9 that time and had to perform in Dharmasthala. Unfortunately, when I was performing, he was not there. I was very disappointed as I wanted to perform in front of him. Luckily he saw my performance live in local cable channel in his house. He was very impressed with my performance and came to the programme only to meet me. He asked me to perform again and viewed my performance. He presented me with a gold chain as a sign of appreciation. I can never forget it.

During my concert in Koteshwar, I was blessed by his holiness late Shri Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji, the head of Kashi mutt with a golden coin. This was also one of the best moments in my life. And thirdly, when I released my music albums, it gave me immense happiness. [Anjali Shanbhogue’s Saxophone Rocked Dubai Audience at Amchi Family Show ]

How many music albums have you released until now ?

I have released three music albums. The names of the albums are “Swaranjali”, “Alaipayade” and “Melody Is On”.

Whom do you consider as your Role Model?

I consider Dr Kadri Gopalnath as my role model. He has achieved so much as saxophonist and is one of the pioneers of Carnatic music on the saxophone. I hope even I reach the same heights as saxophonist. He has been a true inspirational for me.

What do you have to say to youngsters ?

I want youngsters to get into cultural activities. They should not confine themselves to studies only. I want them to have interest in other activities as well. These days, students leave their hobby during 10 th or 12th public examinations. They ignore their talent and only concentrate on studies. That should not be the case. Even I had many performances clashed during my exam time. But I made sure I performed as well as studied. I want youngster to concentrate in studies as well as cultural activities.

What are your future plans ?

I am placed in Robosoft Technologies in Udupi. I will also concentrate on my music career also. My main aim is to become an international musician. I want to become a perfectionist in saxophone.

Some of the Awards bestowed on Anjali:

• “Sangeetha Shreenidhi” by Kalavikas Parishath,Gadag
• “Shree Krishnanugraha” by his holiness Shree Vishwapriya Theertha Swamiji.
• “Kala Kanmani” by the Cultural association of Bangalore.
• “District Award” by Dr. V.S. Acharya.
• “Kalanjali” by the Rotary Club of Manipal.
• “State Award” by the Government of Karnataka.
• “Karnataka Chethana” by Jnana Mandara, the cultural and educational trust of Bangalore.