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Sudhakar Bannanje- All Rounder of Coastalwood

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Sudhakar Bannanje- All Rounder of CoastalwoodSudhakar Bannanje, a veteran in Sandalwood as well as Coastalwood has worked in approximately 45 films in different roles from dialogue writer to story writer to producer to associate director to director and so on. He is directing a new Tulu film titled “Gant Kalver”. The shooting of the film is going on in rapid speed. In an exclusive chat to SeeandSay.in, Sudhakar Bannanje talks about his journey

Journalism background

I am basically a journalist. i was writing for Mungaaru newspaper in 1986. I joined film industry later. I still write as it is my passion. I write articles for many newspapers even now. Due to my writing skills, I got into film industry. I have written for dramas as well. I have written script and dialogues for 64 Tulu dramas and 49 Kannada dramas. I get most happiness while writing.

Kodava and Konkani

I have worked in Kodava languagae film as well as Konkani language film. I consider my guru as Dr Richard Catselino. I was staying in house for many days, wherein I learn the Konkani language. I know the Christian Konkani language fluently and this helped me to write dialogues for Konkani film “Khazar”.

Gant Kalver

This is my next project in Tulu. The film is a commercial entertainer. It has everything right from comedy, family sentiments thriller and action. The film has 90 major characters and if we include all extras and junior artists, it will go over 200 artists. Vijesh Shetty, Smita Suvarna. Comedians Naveen D Padil, Bhojaraj Vamanjooru, Arvind Bolar, Sundara Rai Mandara, Umesh Mijar, Pradeep Alva Kadri, Vasanth Muniyalu, Prajwal Pandeshwar, Disha J Putran, Sinchana, Preran,Sandeep Shetty Manibettu, Sudheer Kothari and others are in the cast. The movie will be produced under Sneha Kripa movies banner.The movie will have cinematography by Shankar, music by Harshavardhan, art by Tamma Laxmana. VK Prashant Ellampalli and Ramdas Sasihitlu are the assistant director. Editing is by K Girish Kumar.


I have worked in more than 44 films including Kannada, Tulu, Konkani and Kodava. I have written dialogues for the Tulu film “Thudar”, “Badi”, “Koti Chennayya”, “Brahmashree Narayanaguru Swami” and also directed Kannada films like “Heegondu Premakathe”, “Dharmayodharu” and “Naanu Hemanth Avalu Sevanthi”. I directed children film “Prerana” and it will release in July. Another directed Kannada film “Ranakahale” also getting ready.

Release of Gant Kalver

I cannot tell the exact release date. I will be done with shooting by this month end. The post production work will be completed by two months. If everything goes as per plans, we must be able to release the film by October. But as you know, Coastalwood is suffering due to theatre shortage. I am very confident of the content in my film and do not want to rush into releasing the film. As and when the time is correct, I will release the film.

Future projects

I will be directing a Tulu film in November for producer Kadandale Suresh Bhandary, who is currently producing “Amber Caterers”. I have two Kannada films for release also this year. “Prerana”, a children’s film will hit screens in July and “Ranakahale” is almost complete

Difference between Sandalwood and Coastalwood

I do not see much difference between the two film industries. In Sandalwood, the payment is more, whereas in Coastalwood, it is less. As the market for Sandalwood is bigger, everyone is paid more and recovery option is more. But that is not the case here in Coastalwood. Therefore films should be made within limited budget here. People of Tulunadu are influenced more by “Bombay culture”, so we should be technically very strong so that our presentation is matched to that of Bollywood standards.

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