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Underground Metro station to come up near Shivajinagar bus stand

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Bengaluru: It looks like government is keen on making Metro as popular means of public transport in Bengaluru. As part of the Phase II, an underground Metro station will come up near Shivajinagar bus stand. A popular playground will pay the price this time After Majestic, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) geared up to extend the service to another major bus stop in the city Shivajinagar.

The BMRCL is already in the process of procuring land for the project. At present, the BMTC operates 3,200 trips from the bus stops serving more than 50,000 passengers. As far as Shivajinagar is concerned, the metro station will acquire a part of a playground. BMRCL will also acquire a portion of the school building. Once the project is completed, the BMRCL will restore the playground and build a new school building. BMRCL has intimidated BBMP about the plan.

After Majestic and KR Market, Shivajinagar is one of the major bus-stand in the city. Despite space constrains, number of bus operations are increasing every year. Thus, linking the metro and bus station will help the passengers. At present, the BMRCL has built one of its major metro intersection station at Majestic. The station was partially opened for the commercial operations last year. The BMRCL has also built a underground station near K R Market bus stand. There is a proposal to link the bus station and metro station.