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I do not believe in gimmicks: “Arjun Weds Amruta” director Raghu Shetty

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Raghu Shetty’s much awaited “Arjun Weds Amruta” is all set to release this Friday. The film which has been one of the most expected Tulu films is a romantic and family entertainer. The trailer of the film has been release to great response. Raghu Shetty speaks to SeeandSay.in and speaks about his film:

Early Life

I am from Moodbidri. I always wanted to be a director. I came to Bengaluru in 2003 and worked as assistant director until 2009. Due to some financial problems, I joined Udaya TV and worked there for few years. I quit media field and decided to start my journey as director. I approached few of my friends, who invested in this film. They believed in my work and produced the film.

Trailer response

The trailer of “Arjun Weds Amruta” was released few weeks back. It has got excellent response. I wanted to do something unique and different for audience of Tulunadu.I did not want to follow the trend. The film is anemotional family entertainer. It is a subject oriented love story. This is what I have shown in my trailer. I have not shown any forced comedy in the film as well as in trailer, as I do not want to cheat my audience. The trailer has got excellent response. People have called and messaged me telling they have lots of expectations after the trailer has released.

Technical standard high

The common comment which I have received from my friends as well audience is the high technical standard. I was very clear that my film should be technically good. There were two reasons for this. Firstly I am very passionate about films. I have certain vision for my films and want them to presented in that way. Therefore the film even went over budget. I am a perfectionist. The film may fail or succeed. It is secondary, but giving a good content film is my priority. Secondly, I was very upset when my friends in Gandhinagar (head quarters of Kannada films) used to make fun of Tulu films. They used to say that Tulu films are of poor technical quality. I wanted to prove that even Tulu films can be made with grand technical values. The film needed such a quality. If people are giving Rs 100 to watch my film, I must give them a product of that quality. I cannot cheat my audience.

Comedians as supporting actors

I have taken risk by casting comedians like Naveen Padil, Bhojraj Vamanjoor and Aravind Bolar as supporting actors and not as comedians in the film. People will be surprised with their performance. There is humour in the film. But it is not forced. They have settled character. Bhojraj Vamanjoor has never done a character like this. He has done an emotional and sentimental character. Same way, Aravind Bolar has a great role. He is a philosopher in the film. Naveen Padil is playing as serious role after “Kudla Cafe”. I have showed all of these legends as character artists. It is a risky thing. But if we have to do something different, we have to take risk.

Title characters

The title of film is “Arjun Weds Amrutha“. My seniors in the film industry warned me from not keeping such a title. But I was adamant that this title suited my film. Today the same people are calling me and saying me that title is good. I feel we should not remain constant and take some risks to grow. Without risks we cannot grow. Failure and
success is part of life. I took the risk and I am confident of audience liking it. I roped in Anoop Sagar and Aradhya Shetty as title characters for the film. People expected a cute pair for a romantic film. I felt that this pair is perfect and today I can tell, that I was correct. They have given justice to their roles.

Release Date and Marketing plans

The film is all set to release on July 21. I do not believe in gimmicks. I am a practical and logical guy. For me marketing is a tool wherein we tell about the film to audience. The people who watch the film should know the release date and what the film is all about. I have released the trailer in such a way that people come to know what
the film is about. After the film releases, the word of mouth and content of the film will do the talking. I believe in  straight marketing. Therefore I have even not released dialogues in marketing posters of the film, which is a normal trend for Tulu films. I have also made it clear to my producers that we should not reveal the budget as well as the collections of the film. Today audience are very intelligent. I laugh when I hear box office numbers given by certain
producers regarding films. People are not fools. They can easily come to know the collections. Audience want a good film to watch. They will like or not like the film. Box office collections or budget of the film will not influence their choice.

Kannada films in future

I have worked in many Kannada films as assistant director. I am in talks with a star actor, I have given a one liner to star actor. I had an old commitment with. him But I cannot reveal more about it, unless it confirmed. I will develop the story after “Arjun Weds Amruta” releases. I may also direct a Tulu film. But nothing has been

Arjun Weds Amruta” will release on July 21. The film looks like refreshing love story. Please do watch the film and support talents like Raghu Shetty.