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Tomato prices haunting customers

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Narendra Modi has brought Ache Din. He believes in equality. Therefore the price of apples and tomatoes are same. This is one of forwards running in Whatsapp. Tomato prices continue to haunt consumers as the price of one kilogram of tomatoes touched Rs 90 in Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka owing to low supply as heavy rains damaged crops in major tomato-producing states. [InPostAds ad=”1″]

The rising tomato prices have forced a few hotels and road-side vendors, who sell chat items like masala puri and bhel puri to completely stop using tomato in their snacks. The prices of tomatoes may continue to be high for the next few days due to low supply. Meanwhile, low supply from Karnataka along with a few other states has kept the tomato prices high across the country. Heavy rains have damaged the crops in major tomato-producing states such as Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The tomato crop has failed in many other states as well due to insufficient rainfall. Buyers from Maharashtra, West Bengal and even neighbouring Bangladesh have been purchasing tomatoes directly from farmers in the Kolar market

According to reports, the rains have started receding in Karnataka, giving some respite to growers and traders. The supplies from the state will begin to improve. This is a lean season for tomato. The price rise is a temporary phenomenon and it will phase out soon.

Few years back, onions also faced same situation. The price of onion had increased. But it later came down. Same way price of tomatoes will come down.

Few wholesale dealers are also said to be playing spoilsport here. They have hoarded tomatoes and are not giving to market, so as to increase the price of tomatoes.  Tomato prices would continue to be under pressure till arrival of fresh crop from September onwards.

Sheela, a housewife from Mangaluru said, “I have decreased the amount of usage of tomatoes in dishes. Unfortunately it has become very difficult for us, as most of our dishes have tomatoes. Luckily few weeks back, I had got 5 kg of tomatoes at Rs 15 per kg. I am adjusting with that now. But in next few days, it will get over and I will be forced to buy from out. I hope price decreases as soon as possible. Tomato is a necessary vegetable used in almost all times. Therefore common people will suffer. Government must take note of this system,”

Anand, who sells chats said, “I am running in  loss now. I sell many plates of Masala Puri and Bhel Puri, as they are my specialty. But unfortunately, due to hike in prices of tomatoes, I am suffering losses even though I am selling many plates of chats. Tomato is a necessary item for Masala Puri as well as Bhel Puri. If I do not put tomatoes, the taste will differ. Therefore I must put tomatoes. I am not in position to increase price, as I will lose customers. The prices are expected to come down, so I am hoping for that. Until then, I just hope that my losses are minimal.”

Sharan, a vegetable vendor says, “I have decreased the quantity of tomatoes in my shop. Earlier I used to sell nearly 300 kgs of tomatoes. But now I hardly sell 50 kgs. Therefore I have decreased the quantity, which I buy from supplier. There is no demand now for tomatoes. It is a temporary phenomenon.”

“Tomato is a perishable item. We are keeping a close watch on prices. The states have also been told to be vigilant so that there is no artificial shortage of supplies and price hike,” Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan told to media recently.

Narendra Modi should look into this issue as common man is suffering. Hope government takes proper action, so that people do not suffer.