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Open Letter to Siddaramaiah- From Kannada film fan

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Dear CM Siddarammaih,

I am an ardent fan of Kannada films. I was born in a generation, wherein people felt watching Kannada films is of low standard. But many movies during my growing up stage changed my mind. Today I am an hardcore film fan. I love and support Kannada films. But from past few years, i am seeing a situation, where our films are being ignore for other languages film.

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Last week Telugu film Jai Lava Kusha released. The film’s collections is going down. But the first two days collections in Karnataka was very high. The film was released in record number of screens and a successful Kannada film Bharjari had to face brunt. The collections of Kannada films went down due to Jai Lava Kusha.

Being in Karnataka, it hurts me to know that due to a Telugu film, Kannada films are being affected. Are we in Karnataka. Now you may feel like, why am I questioning you. I feel that as a CM of our state, you have all the rights to stop other languages influence on us.

You brought minimum ticket pricing earlier this year. But the multiplexes have been so strong that they have bought an order from court. The same multiplexes are following minimum ticket pricing in Tamil Nadu, but not in Karnataka. Why is this? I feel you and your government is responsible for this.

If you were serious of protecting Kannada film industry, you would have had it your way. But you did not try anything. If minimum ticket pricing had come up, Kannada films would have got more shows and we would have benefitted. Unfortunately that is not happening now.

With our market limited to Karnataka, we are suffering here itself. It is high time our CM does something for our films. He had promised us Janatha theatres, but there has been no news of this yet. There are rumour that government will buy theatres in other states and screen only Kannada films there.

It is a very good move, if it happens. But when will it happen? The elections are near by and I hope that this just does remain as a promise meant to get votes.

Your government must be more supportive to Kannada films as popular stars like Ambareesh and Umashree are from your party and have also been part of your government. Popular actress Ramya, who is said to be one of the close aides of Rahul Gandhi is also from your party. With so many stars from Kannada film industry, why is not much importance being given to Kannada films.

As a film fan, I request you to first stop releases of other language films to huge extent. I believe there should be competition, but not to that extent where our films suffer. Government should give subsidy to theatres which only screen Kannada films. This will encourage theaters from not screening other language films.

Government should also support good content films, which may not have big stars. By this, it will encourage young film makers to come to industry and do good films.

This is a humble request from all Kannada film fans. Please work for the development of Kannada Film Industry.


Kannada Film Fan