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Zubair Khan: Most Controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 11

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The Bollywood star was very annoyed with contestant Zubair Khan, who has been picking fights with housemates since day one and has constantly been using foul language. Salman gave his piece of mind to Zubair and blasted him for threatening the contestants.

Zubair couldn’t take Salman’s harsh comments and according to reports, consumed some pills in frustration, due to which he was rushed to the nearest hospital. Reportedly, Zubair is currently under medical supervision and is undergoing treatment.

Zubair has been showing off his underworld connection on the show and threatening contestants like Arshi, Sapna, Puneesh and Bandgi.

But with host Salman Khan hitting out in national television, it is said Zubair felt very insulted and he took this drastic step. He is said to have reportedly told that his children and mother will feel low due to this particular episode.

Bigg Boss 11's Weekend Ka Vaar with host Salman Khan was quite explosive. While some of the contestants had to face host-cum-padosi Salman's anger for being abusive and difficult on the show

Bigg Boss 11 has some interesting line-up of contestants this year. But one of the contestant who has raised curiosity among the audience is Zubair Khan. He claimed is related to Dawood Ibrahim’s family. Yes, you read that absolutely right. Zubair has a connection with the underworld and that alone can prove as the best reason to why he can have a strong hold in the game. However, there’s also another side to him. Zubair apparently is also a filmmaker. But to understand his filmmaking career, we have go to a bit deeper into the question, who is Zubair Khan.

Zubair is, reportedly, the son-in-law of Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar. The same underworld don Haseena Parkar whose life was featured in this year release, starring Shraddha Kapoor. Haseena Parkar was also known as the right hand of Dawood. Zubair got married to her daughter and has two children. He has come on Bigg Boss to undergo image change and want his children back in his life.

On Bigg Boss 11 premiere episode, during a conversation with Salman, Zubair said that he might have connections with underworld but he is the only person from the family to make his existence public. Later in the show, we heard him saying that Haseena Parkar and her family trapped him and got him married to their daughter.

Zubair has also directed and produced the Bollywood film Lakeer Ka Fakeer in which ex-Bigg Boss contestant Azaj Khan played the lead role. Some reports also suggest that Zubair worked as an executive producer with Balaji Telefilms. Before coming to the show, he has cleared that he is no longer connected with the underworld and doesn’t share any kind of relationship with Dawood Ibrahim’s family.

Zubair, who entered the Bigg Boss house as Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law is not related to her. Haseena Parkar’s family has taken offense to the tall claims made by the contestant and wants to take action against him by filing a complaint. It would be interesting to see if Zubair re-enters Bigg Boss House or no.