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Pakistan Man gets married to two woman at same time!!

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Social media is a medium wherein it takes few minutes to anything to go viral. A new video which is making rounds is that of a Pakistani man marrying two women at same time. Pakistan has already become a joke, due to it’s activities, which has already made it look like joker. These incidents are also proving the same.

Recently a video clip going viral on social media shows that a Pakistani man married two women on the same day. The video clip showed a man in his late twenties dressed marrying two of his cousins; his paternal aunt and paternal uncle’s daughters. He was being considered as a hero because of his daring gesture to his cousins who did not have to go through the guilt of not finding an appropriate match.

In the video, it was clearly shown that the families of both girls were enjoying the wedding shamelessly because they think they transferred their burden to a man who took responsibility to support his cousins. The brides were interviewed in which they stated that they had no objection to this marriage. The parents of the girls declared that they were very happy with this wedding because this would bind their family.

It is sad that even in 21st century women have to go through this. They are dishonored by men. They have to accept forcefully that men are superior.  These girls had made this choice without any force. But it is the thinking of society, due to which girls had objection to such a pathetic violation of their rights. They had no fear of annoying God and had accepted the lifetime depression in their lives.

In the eyes of law of Islam, this marriage is absolutely correct. Although we are living in the 21st century, our society still degrades women and treat them like cattle.

There are many who are creating jokes on this. While there are some, who support this, “I mean if he is capable physically, financially and morally strong enough to do justice, then why not. Quran has given us permission to marry more than once, if we can treat our wives equally. There is nothing wrong in this. Media is just trying to make a news,” said Azhar, a timber merchant.

On other hand, Sohail, a techie said, “It is sad. Incidents like these are spoiling the name of Islam. If Muslims have to grow, we must come out of this mindset. Only then we can grow. We have been exploited all these years by politicians as vote bank. We need to get educated. Pakistani Muslims have to take up this issue seriously, if they have to live in this world.”