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VInayaBhandary Memorial Volleyball &Throwball Tournament organized by MASA

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November 24, 2017 A large enthusiastic crowd engulfed at Dammam 91 farm house to have fun and laughter for the day and corroborated a splendid evening with delightful memories of one of the fond members of MASA in whose memory MASA holds their annual VinayaBhandary memorial tournament.

The kick off was around 4:00 PM when MASA General Secretary Mohammed Nooman welcomed the gathering, MASAPresident Sadashiv Poojary inaugurated the program along with Vice president Naveen Bhandary, Deputy Sport Committee Head Naveen Shetty, Advisory Committee Ravi Kakera and other Excom members. In the welcome address, the message was clear to all enjoy, play and keep the spirit of sports alive. “Be serious but not too serious” was the delicate message.

Volleyball tournament for men and Throw ball tournament for the women was the highlight of the evening. While the elders sweated it out in the chilly weather, some live entertainment was lined up for the kids of all age group.

Kids had a hand in displaying their skills in drawing competition. Some wonderful art scripted by the kids were spell bounding and a treat to watch for the glaring eyes. There were some wonderful games arranged for kids, the winners of those games are:

Below 6 years:

Passing the Parcel Games: First: Zayan Imran Karkala, Second: Bhuvan Shetty, Third: Shanwell.

Bombing the City: First: Rafan Z. Hussain, Second: Srilaxmi Bhat, Third: SulaimanAhid.

Above 6 to Below 10 years:

Musical Chair: First: Anirudh S. Sanil, Second: Purab Shetty, Third: Zeba A. Hussain.

Passing the Cap: First: Shamitha Shetty, Second: Mohammed Faraz, Third: Maanya V. Shetty.

Above 10 to Below 18 years:

Musical Chair: First: Prishitha Poojary, Second: VerinaSweedolD’souza, Third: Disha B. Shetty.

All age group:

Bombing the City: First: Daanish A. Hussain, Second: Aisha Sarah, Third: Shahad M. Shahid.

MASA continually celebrates special occasions of their members if it falls on one of the scheduled events, and this time it was the 60thbirthday celebration of their evergreen personality Mr. Joey Fernandes, who has been their revered sponsor for every occasion and has always looked upon helping the downtrodden.

Ceremoniously cutting the cake and signing the birthday song by young and old which has been the practice over the years, brought a lovely smile on the veteran and he thanked everyone for the kind gesture.

Winners of Drawing Competition are as follows:

Age group 0 – 6: First: Shaurya Shetty, Second: Srilaxmi Bhat, Third: Aisha Nooman Basheer

Age group: 6 – 10: First: Shamitha Shetty, Second: Abdullah Nooman Basheer, Third: Wanya M. Wahid

Age group: 10 – 14: First: Bhavya Pradeep, Second: Shravya H. Poojary, Third: Brian Sequeira

Age group: 14 – 18:  First: Pratiksha N. Karkera, Second: Prishitha S. Poojary, Third: Srinidhi S. Bajal

In Throw ball matches, the first place was won by Team Surekha Shetty and the runner-up waws Team VeenaD’souza.

In Volleyball matches, the first place was won by Team Naveen Acharya and the runner-up was Team Ameer Hussain.

Presentation of medals for winners and runner-ups of volleyball and throw ball and gifts for kids’ games were done at the ground. Trophies for winners of drawing competition, volleyball and throw ball will be given during MASA Annual Day scheduled on January 05, 2018.

MASA Executive Committee and members extended their gratitude to all the sponsor to make this event a grand success. Sponsors for this event were: Naveen Bhandary, Joey Fernandes, Ravi Karkera, DayanandShriyan, Madhav Amin, Sheik Modeen& Group, Edwin Martis, Chandrahas Karkera, Ameer Hussain, Sadashiv Poojary – Intermodal Services of SA, & Well-wishers.

The evening concluded at around 11:30pm with lots of fond reminiscences to carry home.