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Tulu film festival to entertain Tulu film lovers from Jan 5

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It is a known news that first ever Tulu film festival is happening soon in Mangaluru. This will surely help Tulu films reach more audience. The film festival will be held from January 5 to January 11. During these seven days, films right from the black and white era to the recently released ones would be exhibited.

Tulu Films Producers Association is holding this festival. The films under the festival will be shown at City Centre Mall’s Cinepolis and Don Bosco hall on Balmatta road. On both the screens, about seven to eight films will be screened every day. The ticket will cost as low as Rs 100.

Film festivals are a trend in almost all film industries across the world. Popular films are played in film festivals, which helps it to reach more audience. Tulu film industry, which is in growing stage has now come to know the importance of it. Tulu Film Producers’ Association is all set to organise the first ever Tulu film festival from January 5 to 11, 2018 at Cinepolis.

As choosing specific slots for particular films being shown in the morning session and evenings proved to be tricky, decision was taken by the draw of lots. The Producers Association thereby plans to see that there is no heartburn or objection from anyone.

Although the organizers wanted to show the first ever Tulu film, “Yenna Tangadi”, and old and popular movies like “Bangar Patler” to audience, they have not been able to do so as they are in negatives.

The films festival will provide a forum for the Tulu industry to attract the attention of the government towards problems faced by it like shortage of theatres and others. It is time for Tuluvas to support Tulu films. When films of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi are doing great business, it is high time our Tulu films also do well.

As the tickets are priced at Rs 100, people can watch the film without much burden on their pockets.

Some of the popular films to be screened are Rang Rangda Dibanna, Pilibail Yamunakka, Ekka Sakka, Ice Cream, Bangarda Kural, Udalda Tural, Oriyodorial Asal, Jai Tulunadu, Gaggara, Kanchilda Bale, Rickshaw Driver, Madime, Soombe, Yesa, telekede Bolli, Pattanaje, Chandi Kori, Koti Chennayya, Rang, Pavitra, Chali Polilu, Kudla Cafe, Arjun Weds Amrutha, Nirel, Barke and Birse.

Commenting on this, Aryan, a student from private college in Mangaluru said, “It is a great move by Tulu Films Producers Association. We will get another opportunity to watch some of the great classics. I love Tulu films, but have missed some. With this film festival, I hope to watch all these. I am very happy that I will be able to watch old films like Koti Chennaya, Pettayi Pili, Bollidota and Baiya Mallige on big screen, which I think is a great achievement.”

Meanwhile there are few, who have asked this film festival to be held in cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai. Kiran, an IT employee from Bengaluru said, “I feel this Tulu film festival should be held in other cities like Bengaluru. We have so many Tuluvas who cannot watch Tulu films, as they are hardly released. If film festival is held, we can plan accordingly and watch the film.”




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