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Humble Politician Nograj Review: Danish Sait rocks in this “Kanglish film”

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Humble Politician Nograj has finally landed in theatres after entertaining the masses through Facebook live sessions and YouTube videos. The film, which can be called as one of the best promoted films on social media is debut of several popular internet stars. The film which has been backed by makers of “Kirik Party” and “Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu” has released in record number of screens for a newcomer. Danish Sai has rocked in radio, TV and internet. Can he find the same appreciation through this film on big screen? Let’s go through the review

Director : Saad Khan
Producer : Rakshit Shetty, Pushkar and Hemanth Rao
Music Director : Sricharan Pakala, Jeet Singh, DJ Jasmeet, Prajwal Pai
Starring : Danish Sait, Roger Narayan, Sruthi Hariharan, Sumukhi Suresh and Vijay Chendoor


The film is about Nograj who wants to grow in field of politics. He wants to earn money and fame and is ready to cheat common man to fulfil his goal. He is ably supported by his PA Monjunath. His wife Lavanya adores him and finds him perfect husband. After becoming corporator, he decides to test his waters as an MLA  and splurges money for same. But it is not easy. He has to face several hurdles from his own party men and also from an NRI returned businessman, who wants to do something good for society. Will Nograj end up becoming MLA? For this you have to watch the film.


Danish Sait is excellent in the film. He can be called as the lifeline of the film. If Danish is the cake, then Vijay Chendoor as Danish’s sidekick is the icing. In his live shows, Danish always used to mention about Monjunath, but no one knew who he was. The excellent casting by makers for Monjunath is extraordinary. Sumukhi as Lavanya is average. More was expected from her. Roger Narayana and Sruti impress.


Saad has done a good job. This is his third film as director and first in Sandalwood. Sometimes screenplay falters a bit, but overall he has done good work. The film is technically good. Background music and music is good.


Danish Sait
Vijay Chendoor
Natural comedy


Screenplay could have been a bit better
English words usage may disappoint some crowd


The film is an entertaining one and also has good message. The film falters a bit, but being an experimental film, we can excuse it. Kannada industry is rocking with different films and it looks like Humble Politician Nograj may end up becoming cult film in near future. Do watch the film. We are sure after reading this review, Nograj will say Thamallerige Dhanyavadagalu.