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Why does Shia Muslims support BJP?

Bharatiya Janatha Party is called as party of Hindus. Even though the party has worked for the overall development of country, some people still call it as Hindu party. Some intellectuals allege that BJP is anti-Muslims.
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Bharatiya Janata Party is called as party of Hindus. Even though the party has worked for the overall development of country, some people still call it as Hindu party. Some intellectuals allege that BJP is anti-Muslims. However there is one community, which is supporting BJP. We are talking about Shias Muslims.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may have had more support from Muslims during India’s recently concluded election than previously expected. This may come as a surprise to some due to the BJP’s reputation as a Hindu nationalist party and the Muslim community’s wariness towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi given his alleged complicity in sectarian riots in Gujarat in 2002.

It is important to remember that the Muslim community in India is not homogeneous, but rather contains numerous schools, sects, and approaches. The most important of these, outside of mainstream Sunni Islam, is India’s Shia community. By many estimates, India has the second largest Shia population in the world, after Iran. Nonetheless, Sunnis make up the vast majority of India’s 180 million Muslims and tend to dominate India’s Muslim discourse and institutions, often to the chagrin of Shias. For example, in 2005, Shias broke away from the Sunni dominated All India Personal Law Board, a non-governmental association of Muslims that advises the government on Islamic personal law, because they felt that Sunni interpretations of family law dominated over Shia ones.

These kinds of domestic disputes, combined with rising Sunni-Shia tensions across the Muslim world, has increasingly polarized India’s two largest Muslim communities. Lucknow has a long history of major Sunni-Shia riots, made worse in the past two decades due to the incitement of Sunni scholars in the city aided by the spread of fundamentalism from neighboring Pakistan; Pakistan and India both share the Deobandi movement, a radical interpretation of Sunni Islam similar to Salafism (Wahhabism).

Shia alienation from the Sunni-dominated Islamic world has made individual Shias more likely to throw their lot in with the BJP and adopt a more India-centric approach to politics, rather than an approach that focuses on the global Muslim community. The BJP’s most prominent Muslim figure, party Vice President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, for example, is a Shia.

The conflict between Hindus and Muslims is just a few hundred years old, but the fight between Shias and Sunnis is more than 1000+ years old. Shias are a minority among Muslims, and they know that if Sunnis come to power, they will do the same with Shias that they are doing all over the World. More Shias are killed by Sunni Terrorists than any other religion, after Iran, India is the only country where Shias feel safe, because Hindus are a majority here.

Shias are targeted by Sunnis everywhere in the world where they come to power, Shia Mosques are bombed by ISIS, Shias are brutally killed in Pakistan, last year a Shia Mosque was bombed in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

They support BJP, not because they like Modi or the ideology of Hidutva, they just vote for them so that they can get protection from Sunnis. They have been killed politically by Congress. The grand old party always projected BJP as threats for Muslims in India. Muslims were used as political goat to purchase vote. Congress has done nothing much to change the life of Muslims. Even in the entire rule of Congress, Shia Muslims were sidelined by Congress

When in 2014 election, BJP came into power. Shia Muslims in UP openly supported them. And BJP has provided satisfactory reply by inducting a lone minister from minority Shia Muslims.  Future trends all point to continued increasing support for the BJP from Muslims, driven largely by Shia voters who feel alienated from India’s Sunnis.