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CM shows double standard again!!

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Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah has shown his double standard again. He has again cheated Hindus. He snatched food from the plates of poor children in Sri Ram Vidya Mandir in Kalladka. Now he has granted crores of Government funds to an Arabic College in Bengaluru!!

A school in Kalladka in Bantwal was denied mid meals stating that it was a private institution and it does not require any aid from the government. While now, it has come to light that the Siddaramaiah government in Karnataka has allotted a total of Rs.20 crores to an Arabic college for its development, leaving behind the hungry children of Kalladka.

No food for our own country’s kids and crores of rupees for a foreign-owned college? Is this the tactic followed by Congress government to fulfil their lust for votes? Can they get down to any extent to please the minorities?

Senior Congress leader B. Janardhana Poojary said that withdrawing Kollur temple grants to two educational institutions in Kalladka and Punacha in Dakshina Kannada amounted to snatching food from hungry children. Poojary said snatching food is Rakshasi Pravrutti (an act of a demon) and praised Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat for providing education and food to hundreds of students. The veteran leader said he was deeply pained to see hundreds of children from the schools holding a demonstration at Bantwal with empty plates.

Stating that he would fight for the children, Poojary urged the government to withdraw the order. For Congress events, they used temple food. Hindu volunteers exposed this ‘illegal’ supply of free food from temple to 15,000 Congress workers recently. Volunteers have captured proofs with pics and videos.

Now the big question is why has government decided to grant 20 crores for Arabic college. The reason is none other than Muslim votes. Congress consider Muslims as their votebank. But Muslims have come to know real colour of Congress and know that Congress are just using them and if they need development, they must vote for other parties. Muslims may tilt towards BJP, JDS and AIMIM. Congress knows they are in trouble and are hence trying to woo Muslims.

But what they have forgotten is that they have upset Muslims also in this. By withdrawing grants to school run by Kalladka Bhat, which also has students from Muslim community, CM has angered them also.

The people of Karnataka will surely teach Congress a lesson. Let us wait and see how Congress fares in this election.




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