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BJP will repeat North East performance in Karnataka

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It looks like the dream of BJP to form a government in South will be fulfilled this year. According to internal survey conducted by BJP, they are all set to win Karnataka assembly elections. The success in Tripura consolidated BJP’s big gain in Assam in 2016 and helped get over the wobble caused by the close Gujarat election.

Party chief Amit Shah said BJP’s performance in the north-east had set the tone for an equally impressive performance in Karnataka. Setting the bar higher for the party, he said BJP’s “golden era” will unfold only when it forms governments in Kerala, West Bengal and Odisha. This can be a bridge too far as of now, but Shah has believed in setting tough targets, and wins in Assam and Tripura are expected to buoy cadres.

“It is a day of joy for me and crores of BJP workers. The victory of BJP is important in many ways. It is an endorsement of the leadership of PM Narendra Modi by the people of the north-east. Results are encouraging for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls,” Shah said.

BJP has big chances to win in this assembly elections. Modi Wave is perhaps the biggest reason for the probable BJP win in Karnataka. There is Modi fever going on in the country and people are voting for him and not BJP. There is an anti Incumbency sentiments among people regarding the current Government led by Siddarammaiah which will benefit BJP.

In Karnataka, the contest is between three parties Congress, BJP and JD(S). Whenever three party are in fray, BJP always wins like it did in Delhi,UP and Assam. Similarly in Karnataka there is contest between BJP, Congress and JD(S). And it looks like BJP will win hands down.

The other party members like SM Krishna have already switched over to BJP and some other Congress and JD(S) members are also joining BJP which will help them.

BJP is working silently by mobilizing Dalits, at every opportunity. It is aiming to consolidate the right wing of Dalits too. It is successful in its attempt so far. Dalits as a block is bigger than Lingayats or Vokkaligas. BJP is using the development in Congress to its advantage. Right wing Dalit leader and number two in the government, Dr.Parameshwar’s treatment in Congress has infuriated many sane and educated Dalits as well. This will not go unpunished. If BJP achieves the feat of uniting Dalits behind the party, there is a hope for Yeddyyurappa, since Lingayats and Vokkaligas are a divided lot now.

All these factors seems to be in favour of BJP.