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SeeandSay.in Impact: “Appe Teacher” releases in single screen in Bengaluru

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Almost a year back, we had written an article, wherein we said that Tulu films can have a great market in Bengaluru, due to lakhs of Tuluva here. We had written an article requesting Tulu film producers to release Tulu films in single screens in Bengaluru and it looks like our article has been read by producer of Tulu film “Appe Teacher”.

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“Appe Teacher”, which has become a big hit by completing 50 days in Tulunadu has released in Bengaluru on June 1. The film has released in Savitha, a single screen located in Malleshwaram, which is heart of the city.

The film has been given three shows and this weekend has seen a good collections. Our article had mentioned that Savitha theatre can be made as hub of Tulu films. “Savitha theatre in Malleswaram can be made a Tulu centre. It has very less seats, therefore the rental will also be less. The theatre is located in heart of city, Malleshwaram. It has good connectivity of buses as well as Metro. So it is win-win situation,” we had said in the article.

The film has also released in three multiplexes with single show each and these shows are also collecting good revenue, which shows that Tulu films can do wonder.

In the past, many Tulu film directors and producers have tried to release the film in Bengaluru, but they have failed. Sooraj Shetty, popular director tried his best to release both his films in Bengaluru, but he failed to get the single screens. However with “Appe Teacher” releasing in single screen, we can expect Sooraj Shetty’s “Ammer Polisa” to release in single screen in Bengaluru as well.

Meanwhile “Appe Teacher” is facing protest and criticism from women organisation in Mangaluru. Although the film has successfully completely 50 days since release, it is said that the film uses many jargon that insults women, mother and teacher. The film also shows a scene of rape which is taken in a comic sense, equally hurting and derogating the dignity of women. The protest is led by Chanchala Tejomaya, women leader of Mangaluru Taluk Mahila Mandaligala Okkoota, and she has also submitted her complaint to the Censor Board and the Deputy Commissioner. The women organisation also demanded that the producers and the directors should be banned for 5 years, and the artists should publicly apologize.

Tulu filmmakers should be careful and make sure that they do not get into unwanted controversies.