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About Us

A New World Everyday… is a collection of innovative and powerful news that deliver compelling, diverse and visually engaging stories on your platform of choice. We provide something for every news consumer with our comprehensive offerings, our focus is to deliver the highest quality of content whilst remaining at the cutting edge of search knowledge, to ensure that we deliver the best news to our readers.

Internet!!!!!!, we can call it as a new name for communication, 21st century has seen enormous progress in the field of science and technology but it can be concluded that this development is only possible due to the magical power of the internet. It won’t be wrong if we consider Internet as one of the basic necessity for life.

This power of internet has given birth to a powerful media named as “Web News”, days have turned from land phone to Mobiles, News Papers to E-news and keeping this in consideration we have launched www.seeandsay.in a web based news channel. We are receiving a good response from the news reader’s form around the world.
We at SeeandSay are gearing up at providing the right news at right time in English and Kannada at the touch of the fingertips to our readers around world.

With this chain of communication, we are also concentrating on spreading of our Language, culture & tradition. Keeping Socio-Ethical concept on the table we are stretching our arms to the needy and bringing into light those unsung Heroes of our society and spreading the sacrifices they have made to uplift our Motherland.

On this running structure, we request you to join hands in developing the Web News concept of ours by providing your Precious Adds & to be a part of the changing economy.

From the bottom of our heart we believe our growth will be enormous with your support & trust.

Eagerly waiting for your positive response, Thanking You.

For more information write via mail to:

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Phone: +91-824-4275140 – 103   +91-934-313-4343

e-mail: news@seeandsay.in