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Through our websites, we reach out to all four South Indian communities across the globe. We drive very high NRI as well as domestic traffic purely on our news strength. Our ad inventory helps you reach the right profiles and generate higher returns for your investment. We offer, to our advertisers, various innovative advertising options to reach to the target audience.

Banner Ads

Banner sizes : 468×60, 728×90, 160×600, 120×600, 300×250, 120×240

Rich Media Ads

Anyone serving ads on the Internet should take a look at Rich Media. Rich Media ads show a 38 percent higher click-through rate than normal banner ads.

Rich media ads are well on the way to dominating online advertising. Broadband connectivity is the norm, Internet users are overlooking banner ads, and Rich Media Ads are becoming the best option for advertisers.

How it Works?

The Rich Media experience, video streamed to the user, is similar to watching a traditional television commercial – with the added benefit of being able to click through to the advertiser’s website, or to skip the ad and go to the main website.


The banner slides on to the screen from the Right hand side corners, commanding instant attention from the viewers. The ad sizes could be 160×600,120×600,120×240 etc. It has a close and replay buttons.

Jpeg / Flash banners
max file size:< 30kb
Runtime: not to exceed 7 seconds
Landing page URL should be provided separately.

Ads on Photos

• Ad appears on page load and stays on the page still the user click on the close. Reappears on mouseover.
• Standard ad size depending on photo size.
• Great for 728 x 90, 468 x 60 ads.
• Shows a max of 3 ads on photos per user per day.
• Users look carefully at the photos so CTR is high.
• Could show the ad at the bottom of the photo or in the middle of the photo.

Standard Specifications:

Ad Dimensions:728 x 90, 468 x 60
Type:Images and Flash
Max File size:30KB

To advertise on the site write to:

Manager – Online Marketing

Mobile: +91 934-144-4844

Phone: +91-824-4275140 – 104

E-mail: info@seeandsay.in